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29 July 2006 @ 08:56 pm
Not Updated Every Sunday... Get off my lawn

Read 'The Horrible Future' From the Start

Well, it has come. Nostradamus predicted it, that funny hobo on the corner yelled it at you as you swept past him, but they were right. This is the last entry of ThF. Sorry. Thank you for reading, but I'm done with this. I'm very stressed at University, I have metric asstons of stuff to do, and I cannot keep up with it. I did have a lot of stuff planned for this, but it sort of fizzled. I'm not discounting the possibility of starting this thing up again at some point.

In conclusion, thank you for reading. I appreciated it. Thanks for all the fish.

Broken Moods: anxiousanxious
Horrible Quote: 'I am crying.' - You, at hearing of ThF's demise.